It was in 2002 when Mrs. Helen Chua first got involved with scrap booking. At first, it was only mere curiosity that propelled her to attend scrapbook events and divulge her time examining and buying various accentuation materials. Much to her surprise, she suddenly found herself enjoying it immensely and not long after, it became a hobby of hers.

She has always been drawn to arts and crafts: from doing cross-stitches, deco patch, to tags and cards---it’s no wonder she got hooked with scrap booking. Finally in 2005, she decided to turn this hobby of hers into a business. Through this, she was able to meet more avid scrapbook makers where passion and love for the art abounds like no other.

For Helen, being a businesswoman is not all about profits, it’s about commitment and passion, opportunities and innovation, indulgence and satisfaction for both herself and her customers. For those who need an outlet for their creative sides, and for those who want to open a small business but don’t know how—take a couple of Mrs. Chua’s class for she will surely be an aspiring guide in teaching you the basics in knowing and appreciating the wonders and opportunities of scrapbook making.

Scrap booking is not just about creating a wonderful layout and designing papers for the use of a backdrop against pictures. Upon knowing the basics, one will be able to fully grasp the technique that is essential in creating a scrapbook masterpiece. Every creation is unique and wonderful, and is based on the personality of the creator. It is crucial to save the fun memories with our loved ones, and with scrapbooking, we can do so in a more creative and fun way!

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